Personal Visa® Check Card

A check card is a multi-purpose access card linked to a cardholder's checking account. The card may be used like an ATM card at an ATM or a POS (Point Of Sale) terminal, or like a Visa® or MasterCard®. The transaction amount is debited directly from the customer's checking account. The card may have a checking account number and a savings account linked to it. Purchases are withdrawn from checking. Withdrawals from ATM's may come from savings or checking.

Why do you need a Check Card?

Benefits to you:

  • Reduces the need to carry cash or checks
  • Reduces the need to order checks
  • Eliminates ID/check approval
  • Means faster checkout
  • Accepted everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted
  • Can be used as an ATM card
  • Protected against lost of stolen cards
  • Receives monthly statement
  • Receives transaction receipts*
  • Easy to return purchased items

* If transaction totals more than $15