Bank of Dudley Certificates of Deposit

Bank of Dudley's Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are one of our most popular investment options. Our CDs will allow you to invest your funds for a chosen period of time, at a fixed interest rate. The advantage being that you have the opportunity to ride out any interest rate fluctuations that may occur. You may open a certificate with as little at $100 minimum deposit.

Bank of Dudley's CDs are particularly attractive to the investor who doesn't need immediate access to their money, but can let the CD grow at a guaranteed rate. Invest for a limited time and plan to reinvest later.

Also, rest assured our CDs are secured with FDIC insurance coverage up to the

maximum allowed by law.

Choice of term lengths:

Bank of Dudley offers various terms. In most cases, the longer the term of your CD, the higher your return. Our flexible term lengths allow you to customize your investment to your needs.



Apply for Your CD

If you are interested in our CDs at Bank of Dudley, you don't have to find a time to come into one of our locations. We offer a secure online form which allows you to apply now, right where you sit!

It's just one more reason you can bank on us!

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