Home Depot Announces Card Breach

On Monday, September 8, Home Depot confirmed that their payment systems had been breached.  Customers who made purchases with debit or credit cards at U. S. and Canadian stores may face the potential for fraud.

According to Home Depot’s latest statement:

  • The issue affects purchases made from April 2014 forward
  • There is no evidence that Home Depot online purchases have been impacted
  • Debit card PINs do not appear to have been compromised

 Bank of Dudley has identified our cardholders who have used their cards during the period of the breach.  These cardholders will be issued new cards and should receive them within 7-10 days.  Upon receipt, the new card must be activated, and the old card destroyed. 

We encourage you to monitor you accounts, using online banking or mobile banking, and notify us immediately if you notice any fraudulent activity.   You may also call Customer Care at 478-277-1500 for information regarding activity on your account.

We are taking proactive measures to address this situation.  If the potential for fraud is present, whether or not actual fraud is committed, we will take measure to ensure the security of your accounts with Bank of Dudley.

Home Depot is offering additional protections; affected U.S. customers may enroll in the AllClear PRO service at no cost to them at any time during the next 12 months. These services are available through September 8, 2015, and include credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy.  https://homedepot.allclearid.com/

You may also find some valuable information at the Federal Trade Commission’s website, regarding action to take to protect yourself, and steps to take if you are a victim of fraud.