Score more with ScoreCard Rewards!


Personal Debit and Credit Cards

                With every swipe, you can earn points through your Visa debit or credit ScoreCard, a free program for all Bank of Dudley customers. Earn one point per dollar spent when purchasing with your credit card, or one point per two dollars spent with using your debit card. 

Shop with Points Earned

                Points earned can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise such as travel, gift cards, designer clothing items and accessories, fuel rewards, and so much more at the ScoreCard Rewards website. Visit to register your Bank of Dudley debit or credit card, track your points, and shop the rewards. 

ScoreMore Rewards!

Score even more points by logging on to to the ScoreCard Rewards website to shop! By clicking through to various retailers from the ScoreMore Mall, you can double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of points you can earn per dollar spent. Earn points event faster to get you to the vacation of your dreams, the most up to date gadget, or to save money through fuel discounts.