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Bank of Dudley can help make your mortgage experience a pleasurable one. We realize that this is the biggest financial decision most people ever make. The most critical step in purchasing a home is finding a loan that best suits your needs. When finding the right company, low rates and fees are important; however, it is essential to look beyond these and to make sure the lender is helping you determine the right loan for your specific needs. We realize one size doesn't fit all.

Our experienced mortgage professionals will help you determine what type of loan best fits you and what you will need to do to obtain the best deal. Creating a custom mortgage experience with competitive rates and terms is what our service is all about. Quick, honest, and sensible communication is the way we ensure a long term relationship with our clients. We know that our success depends on earning your trust.

Contact any of our lenders today at any of our four branch locations; they are ready to help you get the process started! To further expedite the process start your application online today.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that buying a new home is a time of decisions.

Just when you find a home that seems right for your family, you find yourself face to face with more decisions!

We can answer the questions that arise during the mortgage loan process. Our mortgage professionals have put together straight answers to three questions most often asked by home buyers.

How long will it take to complete the application process for my mortgage loan?

You can probably provide the information needed for pre approval in less than one hour! Below, you will find a list of information most often needed for mortgage approval. It is helpful to gather as much information as possible before you begin shopping for your home.

After our loan is approved, how long until closing? When can we move in?

The closing process usually occurs after a reasonable time is allowed for inspections and legal recordings. We can usually arrange closing within a few weeks. Possession of the home takes place as agreed upon by the buyer and seller. In most cases, you take possession and move in after closing.

How much can I spend and what other costs will I have to pay in the purchase of my home?

Our mortgage professionals can help you determine a price range that fits your financial situation. Our mortgage counselors can provide you with an estimate of expenses that accompany the purchase of a home.

Home Purchase Checklist

The following list will help you gather the information needed to complete the application process:

  • 1 Month of current paystubs for all jobs
  • W-2's for last two years
  • 3 months of most recent bank statements considered as asset(s)
  • Copies of all borrowers driver licenses