About Bank of Dudley

On August 31, 1905, a group of people in the Laurens county community of Dudley met to discuss the possibility of starting a Bank. Eighteen original stockholders met in the old schoolhouse. The group met a second time, on October 2, to approve the charter listing T. J. Walker, I.J. Duggan, W.T. Gilbert, R.J. Chappell, and R.G. Russell as individuals chartering the Bank. In addition to these, stockholders included R.E. Pope, W.R. Cook, B.O. Cook, T.G. Ware, W.T. Haskins, C.A. Floyd, B.S. Russell, J.A. Hogan, C.A. Southerland, J.A.M. Osluvan, T.H. Hooks, and J.N. Adams.

The Bank opened for business in November 1905. The total assets on opening day were $25,000 with $15,000 in capital stock and $10,000 in deposits. Officers for the Bank were J.A. Hogan, President; W.T. Haskins, Vice President; T.G. Suttles, Cashier; and Directors I.J. Duggan, T.J. Walker, R.J. Chappell, J.A. Wolf, And W.J. Gilbert.

The Bank of Dudley grew during the roaring twenties and was the only bank in the county to remain open during the depression years. J.A. Hogan was succeeded by J.D. Joiner in 1927. U.G.B. Hogan, who owned a large dairy farm between Dexter and Dudley, was elected President in 1935. Rubert L. Hogan, the son of U.G.B. Hogan, began working in the Bank in 1922 and became President in 1943 and held that position until his death in 1964. His wife, Gladys Combs Hogan, who had served on the board of directors since 1947, became President in 1964. Mrs. Hogan was one of the first women in Georgia to hold these two banking positions. She chaired the board until 1998 when her granddaughter, Beth Vaughn, was elected to the chair. With over 110 years of existence, Bank of Dudley has been led by seven Presidents, with Samuel W. Beall beginning as President in 2004. In 2012 Sam was also named CEO-President and continues to serve in this capacity. He also serves as Director for the Board of Directors of Bank of Dudley and Bank of Dudley's holding company. Prior to coming to Bank of Dudley, Sam worked for 25 years in community banking and is a life long resident of Laurens County.

Bank of Dudley

From humble beginnings with a desire to serve the Dudley community and Laurens County, Bank of Dudley has grown to five locations, serving Laurens and Twiggs counties and the surrounding communities. Starting in 1986 Bank of Dudley began expanding with its first branch in East Dublin which started in a small retail space that would later become a full branch in 1997 through the acquisition of an existing building.  Growth took place again with locations in historic downtown Dublin in 1988, and another location was built on Veterans Boulevard, which expanded in 2013 to a state of the art facility.  In 2014 Bank of Dudley had it’s most recent expansion as it purchased the former Peoples Bank building in Twiggs county, in Jeffersonville.  This was an expansion that allowed the Bank to grow it’s footprint further and filled a need in a community that had been left without a bank.

The Bank of Dudley is looking forward to its second century of community banking. We offer the latest in banking services, including internet and mobile banking, while building on our tradition of personal customer service.