ACH Services

Bank of Dudley's Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution enables you to move money electronically with convenience, certainty and cost savings.

    ACH Services can be an ideal choice for common payables and receivables including:
  • Direct Deposit of payroll and expenses
  • Pre-authorized payments and collections
  • Cash concentration

ACH is a low cost alternative to wire transfers and paper checks. ACH eliminates check printing, distribution and reconcilement expenses.

With Bank of Dudley's ACH Service you submit all of your transactions in one file for direct or Internet transmission.

Consolidate funds from multiple locations with ACH debits; you can create transfer of funds from your outlying accounts in other banks to your primary business account at Bank of Dudley.

For more information on Automated Clearing House Services and other techniques to help you manage your cash, contact us today at 478-277-1500 or visit a nearby branch.